Small Game Processing

I stumbled across a few videos today that were surprisingly helpful and informative on methods of processing and field stripping small game. This is important to bowhunters especially because when deer season is over its important to stay sharp, and hunting small game is a great way to keep the sport alive through those months where your bow would otherwise be hung up in the garage.

This is a link to a very informative video on processing a rabbit Small Game Processing, the group that made this video have a lot of other great videos that I highly suggest watching if you are like me and are new to bowhunting.


Well I hope this post can help streamline fellow bowhunters field stripping methods, and keep the lifestyle alive year round!!


Steven Undheim


First Bow Purchase


I plan on making my fist Bow purchase here in the next week. I’ve done a little bit of research and have settled with the Parker Velocity package. It seems reasonably priced at 499.95$ and it comes equipped with the 4-arrow quick release quiver, whisker biscuit, and sight. It looks like a bow I can grow in to, from the reviews I’ve read it seems pretty reliable. Here is a link to the bowParker Velocity Compound Bow. Being that this is my first post and first bow purchase any and all suggestions or tips from the experts (you guys) would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve done my fair share of reading up on this method of hunting and the styles of bowhunting (tree stands, traditional, and blinds). However I know there is much to learn and the only true learning will come from getting mud on my boots and getting out there. I look forward to future posts and any advice ya’ll can throw my way.


Steven Undheim